Resource Access Mapping Project (RAMP)

In partnership with RAMP, Code4Good is developing a multilingual app to connect marginalized communities with the resources they need.

Though New Haven is a resource-dense city, access to these resources for many in the community is limited by a lack of reliable information. This is especially true for refugees, asylum seekers, undocumented immigrants, and people returning home after incarceration. Resource Access Mapping Project (RAMP) is working to fill this information gap with an interactive, multilingual mobile app containing up-to-date information about resources around New Haven. Developing the Android app from scratch, Code4Good plans to work closely with both RAMP and the larger New Haven community to improve the app based on real needs.

Technical Stack


Android Studio

Technical Areas



Full stack

Team Members

Gabriel Saruhashi '20 (Team Lead)

Madeleine Lee '19

Tyler Shen '21

Masayuki Nagase '21