Maternity Dashboard

In partnership with Khushi Baby, Code4Good enhanced dashboard features guaranteeing mothers and doctors accurate data about critically monitored children.

Khushi Baby is devoted to partnering with doctors and nurses in India to streamline local medical checkups for pregnant mothers and newborn children. We added and improved various features of the Khushi Baby dashboard used by doctors to record and monitor the medical information of their patients, enabling the dashboard to generate high risk reports for mothers and their children. This feature was enormously important to Khushi Baby, because it allowed doctors to quickly and accurately create lists of patients and sort them by how critically patients were in need of medical attention. With our feature, doctors were able to optimize the application of their limited time and resources--it also ensured that the patients most in need of help receive it first. Our work specifically focused on updating the logic of the report to reflect the specifications developed by doctors working with Khushi Baby. These specifications described, for example, how many points certain medical conditions should contribute to a patient's high risk score and how a patient's scores over multiple check ups should be combined.

Technical Stack

Ruby on Rails


Technical Areas


Web scripting

Database management

Continuous integration

Team Members

Henry Townley '19 (Team Lead)

Kenia Hale '21

William Hu '21

Katherine Sun '21

Neha Verma '21