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Tech Project Partnerships

At Yale Code4Good, we understand that many socially minded organizations sometimes face technological challenges that cannot be easily solved. To address this, every academic year we encourage organizations (from anywhere!) to fill out a form to tell us about a project or problem that you have that we may help out with.

Once we have a list of projects, we select the ones that could be done within the span of a semester or an academic year, and organize students from the Computer and Data Science departments to work on them.

Example Proposals from Past Partners

Organization: Khushi Baby

Proposal: We make necklaces that store medical information digitally. Our patients wear these necklaces and bring them to health appointments, where doctors and nurses can use and update the information in these necklaces. One problem we’d like to solve is that we want to make it easier for nurses to use the website where they are supposed to use and update medical information. Another problem is that we’d like to analyze the medical information in order to see patient symptom trends over time.
We already have a working website that nurses use regularly. Also, we have a database of patients and their medical information.
We think you can help us improve the website’s appearance and ease of use for the nurses. Furthermore, you can help us analyze our medical data so that we can alert nurses and patients to worrying symptoms and trends in their health.

Organization: Makehaven

Proposal: Makehaven, a local makerspace in New Haven CT, has been working with the New Haven Department of Transportation to decrease congestion and make parking easier. One of their initiatives is using programmable road signs in certain strategic locations to guide cars and reduce traffic. Our organization has built the hardware of the signs, but needs help with the software. We know we can link up to New Haven city parking data and create a user-friendly website, but do not know how to do this. Additionally, the project needs to be relatively self contained so that it can be easily handed off to the city of New Haven.

These are just example proposals, so if your organization is not remotely similar to the ones above, but it has a socially minded goal and a project/problem in mind, please reach out to us by filling out the form below!

If you would like to know what projects we have worked on in the past, look at our Projects page.

Send us your proposal through the following form.


After filling out the form below, we will share your internship opportunity with all the members of our newsletter, the Computer Science Department, and the Statistics and Data Science Department. If you would like us to share the opportunity with other departments, please let us know in the additional information field.

Talks and Events

After filling out the form below, we will contact you to talk about how we can make your event happen!