Frequently Asked Questions

Organizations and Nonprofits

  • Does Yale Code4Good charge a fee?

    No, it's completely free!

  • How big should these projects be?

    Each project should take roughly 5 months (1 semester) for our tech teams to complete. Please reach out if you are unsure of the scope of your project! We are always willing to talk over ideas no matter how small or large.

  • Can we be a for-profit organization?

    Currently, Yale Code4Good only works with non-profits, but if your idea is particularly socially minded we would still love to hear about it.

  • Does my organization have to be based out of New Haven?

    No, we work with nonprofits all over the world. We are currently working with an organization based out of India.

  • When do I have to submit my project proposal by?

    August 31st is our project proposal deadline.

  • What is the commitment needed on our side?

    All Yale Code4Good needs from your organization is consistent communication so that we can build the right thing in a correct and timely manner.


  • When do you start recruiting for tech teams?

    We recruit on a semester by semester basis depending on the number of projects that we have at the time.

  • When do you start recruiting for board?

    Board elections happen at the beginning of the spring semester.

  • Do I need to know a lot of tech to get into a tech team or be a tech lead?

    Depending on the type and difficulty of the project, we might look for people with a specific skillset. We certainly expect more experience for a tech lead, both on the technical side and management side, but don't let that deter you from applying!

  • Do you have a cap on the number of people accepted on tech teams?

    No. However, we try to keep the teams small and cozy so that everyone has the opportunity to contribute significantly, learn a lot, and deliver a high quality project.

  • Are there any other ways to be involved (other than board or tech teams)?

    Of course! If you want to get involved, just send us a message expressing your interest and skills, and we will let you know how you can help.